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Sustainability | Dominion Hotel Pub

Being KIND to the Environment

The Dominion Hotel is committed to being a good partner with nature.

We have a recycling program for plastics and paper.

We encourage the reduction in the use of plastic drinking straws.

We have a worm farm and many of our organic scraps (produce cuttings etc) go to the worms who process it. We use the castings in our gardens as a very effective additive. Also the 'Worm Tea' which the worms produce is a very potent natural fertilizer that we use in our gardens. Worm Tea is available for purchase by the quart. People who use it brag their plants are more lush and grow much faster. Worm Tea can be pre-ordered and picked up at the Dominion Hotel. More about Worm Tea just below this article.

Large kitchen scraps (vegetable) are sent to local farms to feed chickens, ducks and other farm animals.

Our lights are on timers and are dimmed at appropriate times to conserve power. We have upgraded to highly efficient LED bulbs where possible.

We utilize setback thermostats to save heating fuel when we are not open. We've installed energy efficient heat pumps in our guest rooms.

In our laundry and kitchen we use soaps that are not harmful to the environment.

Our fryer oil is recycled.

We have planted gardens to attract and benefit honey bees and songbirds.

We've taken other means to minimize our footprint on the environment such as install low flush toilets and we offer hand dryers in our washrooms to help minimize the use of paper towels.

We are always on the lookout for new ways to improve our relationship with Mother Earth.
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Chickens, Ducks and other birds appreciate the kitchen scraps!
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Thank you for dinner! It was Yummy!
Bill Grogan's Goat

Worm Tea

Worm Tea is garden gold! It is good for so many things. It makes an excellent plant fertilizer. It is a natural insect repellent and improves soil health. It is sometimes referred to as the 'Duct Tape' of horticulture because it fixes so many things. With it you can improve soil health, boost plant growth and protect your plants against pests and diseases. It is recommended that you put the Worm Tea on the leaves of your plants to protect them. It is packed with beneficial nutrients, enzymes and microorganisms. Chemical fertilizers contain pesticides and herbicides. They burn the soil and kill beneficial microbes. Worm Tea is an all natural replacement that is highly effective.
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Our Meditation Garden

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For our 150th Birthday (2015) we wanted to do something that would tell our story and have longevity. With help from a local designer, Karen Sloan we built our Meditation Garden. It is a cool, quiet spot right on the river where people can sit for a few moments and collect their thoughts or enjoy the serenity.

We designed the Meditation Garden with significance. The walkway has bricks embedded as pathfinders. These bricks were part of an old fireplace in the Dominion Hotel that dated back to the late 1800s. The plants in the garden are local. The stone border around the walkway is made up of limestone from a wall behind the old wood stove in the Pub and some rubble stone from an old foundation on property. At every turn of the path is a memory of the hard work that went into building this historic property, and to the many guests over the years who contributed to the Dominion Hotel and Pub story.

The fountains in the garden provide a gentle background noise that is comforting.

Everyone is welcome in the garden and many have it as a regular stop on their daily walk.

We will not sell your personal information. We will respect your privacy.